Friday, January 24, 2014

Insanity Apocalypse

I'll start off by saying that I'm feeling better today... and by that I mean my outlook isn't as crappy as yesterday. I want to say thank you to all of you who sent kind words of encouragement and support. It truly means a lot, and I needed it.... now on to the good stuff!

Something I haven't mentioned to a whole lot of people is that I've signed up to do an Insanity challenge. And I don't mean a challenge to see how insane I can be, because Lord knows I'm way past that already. I'm taking about the super intense 60-day workout program from BeachBody. This thing is definitely insane, I'm talking cuh-ray-zee! My good friend Andria has been working really hard on leading a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. Part of that journey has lead her to become a BeachBody coach. So she nagged a bunch of us until we agreed to pay a ridiculous amount of money for this program so that we can all start our journeys together. And though I know it's going to be really hard and I'll be really sore and I'll probably want to give up a million times... I'm actually pretty excited about it. I'm hoping that having several friends going through it at the same time will keep me motivated. We start on Feb 10th. My boss also happens to be coming in town from Virginia that same week, so I'm thinking it will serve as a pretty good stress reliever as well. Mine came in the mail yesterday. I haven't read all the information yet, but here it is!

Now... I'm not a runner. Allow me to explain... I. Don't. Run. I've tried to run lots of times. I even have photographic proof of this (some good, some bad, some extremely embarrassing). It just never works out. So, what makes me think that running with zombies chasing me would be a good idea? Well.... zombies, duh.  I have seen advertisements in the past about zombie runs and I've always thought it would be so much fun. I've even complained about not having any close enough. Well wouldn't you know, the day I'm trying to re-motivate myself, a new event shows up on my Facebook feed. A zombie run HERE in Pensacola, literally minutes from my house....I don't believe in signs y'all, but that's a sign . Who's with me?! Let's do this.

Weigh In: Yeeeah. Still haven't done that yet.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Woah Mama

Hey there, remember me? You probably wouldn't recognize me since I've gained 20+ lbs in the last year....

Now that that has sunk in...I was just sitting here talking to Courtney about how I'm currently in a slump... slum? I don't care... no really, I don't care. That has been my attitude about everything lately. I don't care what I eat, I don't care what you eat, I don't care about exercise, I don't care what we do, I don't care if I'm fat. Ok, I lied on that last one. That, I care about... but I can't seem to care enough to do anything about it. I remembered my blog (not realizing its been a year since I posted) and how it was supposed to keep me motivated and accountable. Against my better judgement, I pulled it up and read it... and then I cried. And I cried and I cried. In my defense (and TMI) it's an emotional time of the month, but it made me sad, nonetheless.

I'm disappointed in myself. I'm disappointed in my appearance. I'm disappointed in my body. I'm just flat out disappointed.

In the last year, I've done weight watchers, and stopped (again). I've done exercise programs, and stopped (again). I've done the "I'm not gonna count points I'm just gonna eat healthy" thing, and stopped (again). I've done the"cabbage soup diet" [lord help us all], and stopped. I've done paleo, and stopped. I spent over $300 to join a biggest loser program at a local gym, and stopped going. Between all of these things, there was old faithful, weight watchers, again and again, and I stopped. Ive noticed through all of these things that I'm a damn good quitter. There's nobody better than me! I'd prove it to you, but I'd probably just stop. ::badum bum::

I'd like to start blogging again. I'm not going to promise, because we've all seen how good I am at keeping that. But if anyone has any tips or tricks that keep you motivated, please share. It's worth a shot - I've done everything else, right?

Current Weight: I need to dust the scale off first. I'll get back to you.

UPDATE: Apparently it's 2014.... sooo replace all the "a year"s with "2 years" above....fat folks can't count!